Sands of time.

In the deepest night just like the candle shines , you illuminated the dark room

In a distance you echoed right to my spirit , though I am not sure of the sound which I hear but I am sure you are whispering directly to my spirit

Across the distant sea you paddle me gently through rushy turbulent waters

Sometimes I try to figure out as much as possible why you keep carrying me like a child tied by her mother with wrapper

like a bird flying to it’s fine nest I find my directly into your heart

you made me live in mystery, tying so hard to understand the grey words you teach me and you keep speaking in a language a coward tend not to understand

just like a veiled bride , I try to unveil each gift you bring to me each day, it might like ordinary to some lads , but to me they are extraordinary

In the my sojourn in life you have really left foot prints for me to match on

The footprints might have been there for ages for the generations unborn to match on

I call it footprints in the sands of time !


Take a deep breath and look around you, listen to the voices unheard around you , listen carefully to your inner man . There is sometimes a question of guilt , binded in chains and pains , craving for a freedom…….. That is your unforgiven nature ,how long will you chain this inner man? Let free of him now and let peace reign . Free the slave of hatred and bitterness innate your heart and mind . It takes only few words……I HAVE FORGIVEN YOU!

Ordinary but Extraordinary

Let us live like we are stranger in this little planet of ours , so that we can have a world of ordinary people living the most decent life and not like locust that eat up the maize field, because if we have a world of ordinary people who share love like our maker extraordinary things will happen to you and me.